The Hackney Pirates develops the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people facing disadvantage. 'Team You' will create a focused and innovative communications strategy to build support from school teachers and donors.

The Hackney Pirates is an award-winning charity working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people in Hackney facing disadvantages in their lives; so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond. We run an once a week for an academic year, afterschool Learning Programme for 170 young people from Hackney. We work with young people who are in school years 5, 6 and 7; the critical transition to secondary school years, that set the scene for future progress and attainment. Young people make 14 months progress in just 9 months of our programme.

In the next three years we will be replicating our Hackney Ship in another area of London, and outside London. We need your help to create a communications strategy – that includes digital – to ensure we talk to the right people about our impressive programme and impact.

We have a proven programme that makes significant impact in the literacy of young people. We have a track record of success. But we have been unable to communicate this effectively to our key audiences - schools. And with a new ambition we need to change gears in our communications with funders.

We do have some brand-guidelines, a social media presence and website created some three years ago and eight audience personas created by a consultant. However, each member of the Crew takes on discreet parts of the communications work in print and online; so we lack focus and direction. We fall fowl of a 'shall we tweet something today?' syndrome; with little thought to who, why and when!

In the short term the Crew will be implementing the communications plans with the desire to employ someone to take this on within the team within one year. The plan should make consideration of the limited resources while helping us be ambitious about our aspirations in the medium term with key audiences - schools, funders and volunteers.

This project will sift through all the potential audiences, mediums and messages and help us create a strategy and implementation plan that matches our fun, ambitious and impactful personality.