A chance to help us review and develop a new strategy for our innovative Full-Time Volunteering programme, enabling young people to volunteer and learn vital life skills, while supporting socially isolated people across the UK.

Volunteering Matters have been working in socially disadvantaged communities all across the UK for over 50 years. Our dedicated volunteers work hard to effect change in their communities, from mentoring a young person coming out of the care system, to helping a disabled person to live more independently, to supporting a vulnerable family to create a stable and safe environment for their children. We believe in the reciprocal nature of volunteering and its power to build a stronger, more inclusive society.

Our Full Time Volunteering programme is one of our oldest programmes and is a unique opportunity for young people to develop life skills, improve self-confidence and change lives. It offers them the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged and socially isolated people across the UK.

Work with us to develop a new three year strategy for our Full-Time Volunteering programme. We know the difference this programme makes to both the volunteers and beneficiaries lives. We now want to ensure that we have a robust and appealing model to grow and sustain the programme, and reach a wide demographic of young people.

You will bring your research, analytical and strategic skills to support us in creating a strategy for the future of this programme. You will get to meet our volunteers and beneficiaries, and really get under the skin of what we are about. We want to ensure our strategy is designed to support the both the needs of the beneficiaries, volunteers and funders.

This valuable strategic project will include:

• Reviewing the business model for the programme.

• Research how we can add-value to what we do and set ourselves apart from the competition.

• Testing our evaluation framework to prove the impact of this programme.

We want to create a robust strategy for this programme, and would be delighted to have you on-board to help us to achieve this.