AfriKids empowers people to take control of their own lives and ensure their children can be happy, healthy, safe and in school. Help the UK office to become as efficient as possible, so they can raise more funds to support their partners AfriKids Ghana - the leading child rights organisation in northern Ghana.


In northern Ghana, where more than half of all families live in poverty, AfriKids is a force for change, working to ensure every child has the opportunity to be happy, healthy, safe and in school.

Since 2002, AfriKids has helped to transform hundreds of thousands of lives; children have been helped off the streets, out of child labour, rescued from trafficking and saved from abuse, neglect and even death as a result of traditional beliefs and practices. Instead they have enrolled in school, their families have been supported to lift themselves out of poverty, their health has improved, and harmful beliefs have been dissolved.

AfriKids has achieved all of this led by local people, with a simple approach of listening to their communities and empowering them to make sustainable changes themselves.


We are seeking a team to help our UK fundraising office be the best it can be. Our lean team is highly cost-effective - for every £1 invested in fundraising, we raise £8 more. We have always prided ourselves on “operating like a business”, investing in the continuous development of our people and systems.

Over the last few years we have moved most of our systems and processes to cloud-based platforms and online solutions, but we would now like to improve how they “talk to each other” and how our team works with and between them. We would like to introduce automation of processes where appropriate and reduce the time and risk associated with some “overly manual” processes. We also want to be smarter with data, improving what and how we collect useful information – across all areas of the charity, from our website to the children and families we support in Ghana. Improving the quality of data we collect and how we process it will help ensure our work is effective, we raise as much funding as possible and ultimately, that we support as many children and families who need our help as possible.

We are looking for a team of business analysts who can review how we currently work with programmes and tools including Salesforce, Xero, MailChimp, Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, an on premises server, SmugMug, our own website and Google Analytics, and make recommendations for how we could make these tools and ourselves work smarter. Ideally they would have experience and expertise in IT an/or using these tools (esp. Salesforce and Office 365) to make specific recommendations about those products and our set up/IT strategy (e.g. should we move from an on premises server to Sharepoint? Would Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom be the best place for us to store media if we are mainly using Adobe publishing software? What processes could we automate or semi-automate with Salesforce, etc.)