An end-to-end review of SOHK’s financial processes, with recommendations and support to move to an accruals accounting basis.

SOHK uses sport and mentoring to help people improve their lives. Our work with unemployed adults helps them find and sustain work; and our work with children at risk of exclusion helps them to re-engage with mainstream education.

SOHK has undergone significant growth in the last two years, growing our turnover 65% in the last financial year and over 100% since April 2015. We anticipate continuing to grow and so need to create robust financial processes that are fit-for-purpose as we expand. A more rigorous accounting and financial management system will also help us attract key funders.

The BeyondMe team will be asked to review our current financial processes; to make recommendations for improving these; to help us optimize our Sage software to support these recommendations; and to help us move from a cash to an accruals accounting basis.