The Dragon Cafe, the UK's first Mental Health Cafe, is seeking support with fundraising, marketing and communications strategy to help it find sustainable ways of operating

Mental Fight Club’s “Dragon Café”, based in Southwark, is the UK’s first Mental Health Café. It is a space both safe and inspiring which helps service users take the journey through mental illness, onwards into recovery and new-found sustainable modes of mental wellbeing. It also stands as a crucible for new thinking around mental health.

After 4 successful years of establishment and development, It’s core set-up grant funding is coming to an end and we are looking for support to help us find sustainable ways of operating that take advantage of the unique asset base that it has created.

Through its direct experience at the Dragon Café of mental illness, recovery and wellbeing, Mental Fight Club has created a value proposition for its 7,000 patrons (including service users and refusers, providers, commissioners and the wider community) that can be shared to raise awareness, challenge stigma and supplement current mental health services and support mental wellbeing in the workplace. It has led to a number of opportunities to build on the Dragon Café and new strands of work have emerged, including Re-create Psychiatry, “Dragon Café in the City” and the provision of creative training and facilitation for service users, health and social care professionals and corporate businesses.

We are seeking the help of a Beyond Me team to help us realise these enormous opportunities by providing us with additional capacity and skillset to work with us to develop and implement fundraising, selling, marketing and communications strategies. We would also like to work with business professionals to develop a vocational support workshop for Dragon Café patrons.