REDRESS is dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide. It aims to deliver an effective social media strategy through existing channels. Now, we need your help and skills to enhance our social media presence to share our vision of a world without torture.

REDRESS is a leading UK charity that is dedicated to ending torture and seeking justice for survivors worldwide. Through legal expertise, human rights advocacy, and our collaborative network, we hold perpetrators of torture to account and help strengthen the rule of law.

Torture thrives in a situation of silence, behind the scenes. Painfully, torture does not discriminate – it can happen in any country to anyone. Accurate, balanced, and compelling communications are vital in our pursuit of justice.

Social media can promote the issue of torture up the agenda. It can shine a spotlight on systemic abuses and isolated cases, pressurising governments to meet the human rights obligations they have willingly and legally signed up for. It can help us reach and network with human rights groups worldwide seeking our common goal. It can motivate people to share information and raise objections that can influence, persuade, and activate the means for justice. It can reach people that have been affected by torture and help ensure they get the support and reparation they are entitled to.

REDRESS seeks to advance these social media communications. We require channel planning, content development, and an ongoing programme of analysis and evaluation to enable real-time adjustments to optimise our efforts.

You will receive clear and supportive briefings to help you develop quality content that makes an impact, and to deliver analytical insights that drive a coordinated, strategic and results-based programme.

The project represents an opportunity to learn about human rights law, practise existing social media skills and learn/enhance new social media skills, cultivate writing skills for diverse audiences, develop analytical and strategic thinking capabilities. Most importantly, the project represents an opportunity to help achieve justice on behalf of people that have suffered some of the most heinous crimes against humanity worldwide.