Join Hubbub in developing a sustainable, financial model for the UK's first Community Fridge Network, which is helping thousands connect to their communities, access nutritious food and reduce waste.

Hubbub is an environmental charity that designs positive and playful campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices. One of our ambitions is to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste. The average UK family wastes £470 of food a year, and £3 billion is wasted by food sectors. At the same time more than 8 million UK families struggle to put food on the table.

Hubbub first trialled the concept of a Community Fridge as a way of re-distributing surplus food in 2016. Since then it has featured on Channel 4’s Friday Food Feast, and over 700 community groups have approached Hubbub seeking support to develop fridges in their localities. In response Hubbub established a national network of Community Fridges, providing a high quality support service to any community group setting up or running a Community Fridge.

There are currently 31 Community Fridges open across the country, with a further 26 being set up. On average each fridge re-distributes 417kg of food monthly. The social benefit is significant - they are open to all but particularly help individuals who are facing hardship access nutritious food.

The national network of organisations supporting Community Fridges is growing, made up of major retailers, food businesses and other food redistribution schemes. Our central aim is to help local groups run Community Fridges that are safe, impactful and self-sufficient. However, we do not have the capacity or expertise in-house to work on the strategic business plan and financial model, including the long-term governance arrangement.

We are requesting a BeyondMe team to help us create the long-term financial strategy for Community Fridges. The main skills required are business planning skills, and the ability to work within a fast-paced evolving charity context. There will be a clearly defined structure in place to ensure team efforts are fully supported. Given the ambition and scope we can be flexible and liaise with a BeyondMe Team about specific deliverables depending on interest and capabilities.