Fredericks Foundation provides loans to disadvantaged people to start their own businesses. Help this innovative charity to create an online self help community to help their clients succeed.

Fredericks Foundation’s mission is to provide access to small business loans to individuals excluded from mainstream credit, in order to create choice not charity, and to give them the opportunity to transform their lives and to build a society based on dignity and not handouts. Fredericks helps those most marginalised such as the long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, ex-offenders, single parents and ethnic minorities.

The project is to create an online Fredericks Community. We want to enable our clients, old and new, our volunteers and mentors, our partners and sponsors, members of staff and trustees to all be able to interact with each other and create a community of self help. Where appropriate, clients would be able to cross-market products and services, and be offered peer-to-peer support and guidance. Volunteers and mentors can answer questions and give advice. Partners and sponsors can interact with the community as a whole, potentially becoming more committed to the cause, and Frederick’s staff and trustees can communicate more fully and more frequently with all the other members of the community by the use of bulletin boards.

By bringing everyone together we hope to give our clients access to the best available advice to help them avoid the many pitfalls that start-up businesses face and therefore become more stable and secure. We hope to harness the tremendous untapped knowledge base available within our group of volunteers and mentors, and to increase the involvement of our partners and sponsors and to greatly improve our communications with all involved.

We are looking for a team to help us define our requirements, research the best ‘white label’ solution, chose the required modules, implement the solution and devise a roll out plan.