AzuKo designs with disadvantaged communities and empowers them to create the world they dream of. Join a pioneering architecture charity to work towards more sustainable income generation.

We dream of a just world in which every person enjoys the right to dignified living conditions.

We work collaboratively with disadvantaged communities to develop spaces, systems and services in a process that is empowering. From housing, sanitation and infrastructure to play and public space, our projects address the real needs of communities.

1.2 billion people are living in poverty today, as well as growing inequality in all regions. Good design improves lives and should be accessible to all.

Examples of our projects include:

- Involving residents at risk of eviction in the process to improve services provided by their landlord

- Designing with slum residents to co-create housing, sanitation and infrastructure within their community

- Connecting those with type 2 diabetes to health professionals to reimagine prediabetes care


In 2013, the seeds of AzuKo were planted. We discussed how design could help those in need and empower communities. We asked ourselves how we could contribute. In 2014, AzuKo was born to bring dignified design to some of the world’s poorest.

Four years on we are operating in the UK and Asia, working towards this goal.


Over the last year we have undertaken a strategic review, looking at how far we’ve come and looking forward to the next three years.

AzuKo is a micro-charity (two-person team). We rely heavily on our ‘AzuKo family’ for their support both financially and in-kind, and for pro-bono expertise. With demand for our services increasing we are keen to expand our team to 5-6 full time staff. This would allow us to work with more disadvantaged communities and ultimately increase our impact.

A key challenge for us is developing sustainable income generation. One strand of this is exploring and growing income-generating activities e.g. contracts. We want to collaborate with a dynamic team to develop an AzuKo pitch deck for fee paying work. This would include research into AzuKo’s target markets (housing associations, large NGOs…), developing a strategy for engagement with clients and designing the perfect pitch.

We’re a growing group of designers, architects and social entrepreneurs dedicated to designing a better world. Join us and help us work towards more sustainable income generation.