Voice 21 is a charity dedicated to promoting the value of oracy in education. The capacity to communicate clearly, the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas eloquently, and the confidence to speak in a wide range of contexts are fundamental to success in life and work, yet too many young people are not taught the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as confident speakers. Voice 21 aims to change this and we’re looking for your support. Join our team to support our research into best practice in oracy teaching and learning internationally.

Since launching in 2015 we’ve worked with over 350 schools and 1,700 teachers in the UK supporting them to embed oracy into their teaching practice and throughout their schools.

We’ve led the development of Voice Areas, supporting over 100 schools in Bradford, Ipswich and Plymouth and supported our inaugural year of Oracy Leaders, who have been pioneering the approach to oracy in their schools across the UK.

We’ve gained a significant following of teachers, senior leaders and educationalists nationally and internationally, and have been invited to speak in Parliament and at the OECD PISA summit in Lisbon, as well as at key education events such as the Wellington Festival of Education and Whole Education conference.

Features of our work by international organisations such as the OECD, Edutopia, and HundrED, have increased the awareness of our work beyond the UK. We currently field over a dozen unique international requests to access our resources and professional development programmes each month and have had contact with teachers from Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, and Thailand.

Whilst our charitable aim is to stay focused on supporting teachers and schools based in the UK, we are currently investing in a platform to support our work and professional development programmes. This has the scope to support teachers and schools outside of the UK too which could, in turn, increase the financial viability and sustainability of the platform.

We’re hugely excited by the potential that our work has to have an international impact, but currently lack the in-house resources to dedicate time to properly investigating it thoroughly.

We’re looking for support in scoping out the current status of oracy education internationally including, but not limited to:

The provision of professional development programmes related to oracy (both virtually and IRL)

Education systems dedicating significant time to oracy currently

Examples of best practice in oracy education

We’ve seen a huge spike in interest in our work over the past two years across the UK and believe that oracy has significant untapped potential in leading transformative change in education practice nationally and internationally.

We’re reaching a tipping point with schools in the UK and with your research will be able to continue to lead the way in providing innovative professional development and resources to support teachers to deliver oracy education internationally too.