We support survivors of torture seeking refuge in the UK. Help us better share our expertise with local community groups and agencies in order to increase our reach and impact.


Freedom from Torture is the only UK-based human rights organisation solely dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of torture survivors. We support around 1,000 torture survivors a year, providing psychological and physical therapies, forensic documentation of torture, legal and welfare advice, and by campaigning for their rights nationally and internationally.

Every week at our five centers (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow), we are forced to make very difficult decisions - who do we turn away? We only have the resource and capacity to see around 1 in 3 of the people who come to us for help.

We knew that by supporting other key services through training and capacity building, we could start reaching the 2 in 3 we can’t directly help. For over 30 years we have accumulated a wealth of expertise in supporting torture survivors, including managing the long-lasting physical and psychological effects of the torture they experienced, as well as the trauma of loss and living in exile. By sharing this knowledge, and providing training and consultation to those that work with torture survivors in their local community, we can help more people. Our trainers work with health care professionals like GPs and midwifes, social workers, legal representatives and housing providers to name just a few.


Our external training is in high demand with waiting lists for many courses. We need help to develop a training management process to boost our capacity. Training is facilitated by our frontline practitioners; our medical, legal and psychological therapy staff. Currently their precious time is being diverted away from therapy and training as they spend time logging training hours, processing course documentation, capturing impact data and a host of other admin tasks. We need help to streamline our processes to reduce the administrative burden and, more crucially, enable us to quantifiably demonstrate the impact and outcomes we know our training offers.

Will you help us increase our impact and reach out to more torture survivors by helping us build capacity?