Artsadmin wants to create a new innovative business model for the Arts Bar & Café transforming it into a profitable space, which will then be reinvested into our artistic programme.

Artsadmin is a producing organisation that enables artists to create without boundaries, connecting bold interdisciplinary work with local, national and international audiences. Artsadmin runs Toynbee Studios, a centre for the creation of new work including five studio spaces, a 260-seat theatre, meeting rooms, 15 office spaces and the Arts Bar & Café. Toynbee Studios is located in London’s East End within a thriving social, creative and business area.

Artsadmin has been managing and hiring studio and rehearsal space at Toynbee Studios for over 10 years, and has developed this side of the organisation’s earned income very successfully with 22% of its income generated from studio hires and leases. Alongside this, Artsadmin also manages the Arts Bar & Café, which in contrast is not currently run as a profit-making enterprise. We want to make this part of our organisation more financially robust. Future profits from generated would then be reinvested into Artsadmin’s artistic projects, artist development services and rehearsal, studio and performance spaces at Toynbee Studios. This will allow Artsadmin to continue producing the unusual, boundary pushing, risk-taking work that our reputation is built on.

Currently we have a café administrator who looks after the day-to-day running of the Arts Bar and Café and the company Director oversees its arts programme with support from a Programme Coordinator. The Arts Bar and Café is an integral part of Artsadmin’s artistic programme and is used on a weekly basis as a performance and scratch space for artists and annually receives over 4,500 attending events there.

We would like to work with a Business Mentor over a sustained period of time (around 12 months) primarily to develop a new business model and strategic plan for Artsadmin’s Arts Bar and Café and offer insight and guidance on change management and implementation of this new model.