Women leadership is paramount to ending hunger and poverty. From small villages in rural Africa, India, Bangladesh to the UK, the project will aim to empower women to become agents of change in their community, both in the UK and our programme countries, as well as support income-generating activities led by women in some of the poorest areas of the world.

The Unleashed Women Leaders Fund aims to recruit new investors and promote women empowerment and lasting solutions to hunger and poverty.

The Unleashed Women Leaders Initiative was created to secure long-term, sustainable funding for our work with poor rural women who are determined to end hunger in their communities. We are empowering women and establishing equality in local democracy in India, building a movement of women leaders in Bangladesh, and creating and establishing women-owned and run local banks in Africa.

'Why invest in women?' The answer lies beyond stories and statistics of the subjugation of women globally, like the recent study by the UN that found that more than 1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence in their lifetime. Our investment gives women the skills and resources needed to take action to turn the situation around. For example, our partners in Bangladesh stopped 259 cases of violence against women in 2014.

Wherever we work, we place women firmly at the centre of our programmes and action. We train women leaders and take them on the journey from subjugation to unleashed leadership. The work is intensive, but the payoff is extraordinary.

We mean it when we say that developing the leadership of women is the key to ending hunger.

We will invite successful women from the UK, including professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, mothers and creators to become agents of change and have the opportunity to connect with, learn from and support our women partner leaders from our programmes.

We will offer a variety of ways and levels to invest, ranging from monthly contributions to challenges or events in support of our women partners and our work.

We would like to launch the initiative with a match funding incentive: the first investors would see their investment doubled thanks to pledges already secured.

The Unleashed Women Leaders Fund is a successful initiative for The Hunger Project in Australia, rallying the support of women from all levels of society. The project raises funds for women empowerment, gives the opportunity for women leaders in the UK to learn leaderships lessons from partners in Africa, India, Bangladesh, Peru and Mexico, and visit programmes to meet and connect with with unleashed leaders in these countries.

The project aims to define a strategy to launch the initiative in the UK and maximise its impact and success.

We will aim to secure the support of Ambassadors and Ambassador brands.