Walking to school or work might seem like a chore. But for children who would have to walk for hours to reach the nearest school without the support of United World Schools, a short walk to a nearby school is lifechanging. Help us create a campaign encouraging kids and adults to raise money by walking to school or work - and get healthy while they help children in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.

United World Schools works with remote communities that can be more than four hours’ walk from the nearest town. Until a school is built in their village, children are often forced to walk hours upon hours in dangerous conditions to access an education. Often unaccompanied, children we have worked with have previously walked through jungles, across unsafe mountain paths, or even eight hours without shoes, just to get to school.

We want to highlight the difficult journeys children around the world are currently taking to get to school, and to encourage children in more affluent countries to get walking, by launching the campaign #WalktoSchool and #WalktoWork. This will be aligned with International Walk to School Month in October 2018. The key goal of the project is to raise awareness of our work, and drive donations from schools, parents, corporates and beyond.

We would like this campaign to actively engage with the wider public, and need support in planning what it will look like, how it will target key audiences, and how we will run it. We want more people across the world to know about our work, and we want this campaign to relate to our mission, inspiring support and raising £30K to build a brand new school. Although we have run fundraising campaigns before, we have limited experience in running an integrated digital campaign and targeting an international audience.

We would also like the campaign to include a video that will show the dangerous walks to school children are currently making, a social media competition in which people upload their walk to school or work, and a fundraising drive for people to complete walking challenges.

Please get in touch if you are interested in giving children around the world the chance to have a safe walk to school.