Spark Inside, a start-up charity, is looking for your help sizing and describing the "market". It would be invaluable to know more about where we can make the most difference, so that we can choose the best expansion strategy.

Spark Inside is an exciting new charity improving the prospects of young people leaving prison. Their pilot programme achieved a 12.5% reoffending rate relative to the national average of 70%.

This year, Spark Inside will offer life coaching programmes to nearly 200 high-risk 15 to 25 year olds in 4 prisons in Greater London and the South East, including one womens' prison. We would like to expand to other prisons, but are struggling to decide which prisons to prioritise because we haven't yet completed a full market sizing exercise. This would be fairly straightforward and make a HUGE difference to us and to the young people we will support! All the information needed is publicly accessible but it's scattered across various reports - we can point you in the right direction of where to find it.