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We are a BeyondMe team made up of 7 members of the Assurance line of service at PwC. We are are passionate about donating our time, skills and resources to support and enhance the lives of local people in London. We are particularly interested in working with a charity that actively improves the lives of young people; raising their aspirations and providing educational and professional opportunities. We look forward to partnering with a charity which can utilise our skill-set and enthusiasm, allowing us to create the largest change we can within our ability, and bringing the highest benefit possible to the charity.

Lucky Di Biasio
Lucky Di Biasio Founder

Drum Works : Building a sustainable future

One Step Beyond


Team is full.

Sean  O'Pray
Sean O'Pray Founder

West London Zone: Help build a partnership of children's services with West London Zone

Change For Change


A committed team ready to support the brilliant Unlocked Graduates

Emma Lancia
Emma Lancia Founder

Unlocked Graduates : Implementing change management techniques within the prison service - *ALMOST PARTNERED

Climate Action ft Deloitte


A dedicated Deloitte committed to support 10:10, a fantastic environmental campaigns charity

Hannah Harrison
Hannah Harrison Founder

10:10 Climate Action: Riding Sunbeams - powering our railways with solar PV - *ALMOST PARTNERED

Stop, Collaborate and Listen


We are currently a team of 4 looking for our charity.. Zoe is currently working for a large public sector client on a large technology change project on customer engagement. James is working on a private sector client on their strategy. Charlotte is working for a large financial services client as part of the technology delivery team for a digital project. Chris has a keen interest in digital innovation; his focus is on understanding customer and business specific needs to design solutions that drive transformation. His professional experience is in business analysis, digital propositions, user-centred design and end-to-end product delivery.

Zoe Killingbeck
Zoe Killingbeck Founder

AzuKo: The Perfect Pitch for Fair Living Conditions

LRA Team 7


Aim - to build trust in society and solve important problems

Harish Faulkner
Harish Faulkner Founder

United World Schools: Walk to School Campaign



A team of professionals from PwC working on a project for Hubbub

Jack Lockyer-Stevens
Jack Lockyer-Stevens Founder

Hubbub UK: The Community Fridge Network: Building a sustainable future

OxFizz Crew


We're doing some brilliant work with an educational charity called OxFizz.

Jess Garbett
Jess Garbett Founder

OxFizz: Fair Access: Stakeholder engagement

T.O.P Team


The Orchard Project help people get outside and develop skills to grow their own fruit in community orchards ( . To reduce food waste, they collect any unused fruit for volunteers to create cider and apple juice, which they sell to raise further funding for their work. They need our help to make this part of their business more innovative and more profitable. They'll also be working with one of the largest, most well-known cider businesses in the UK so this will be a great opportunity to help knit the two organisations together. If you're interested in helping reduce food waste, improving individuals' wellbeing by getting people outdoors and fostering a sense of community spirit, then this could be the project for you!

Emma Gregory
Emma Gregory Founder

The Orchard Project: Saving the world one piece of unloved fruit at a time! ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ

PwC Doing the Deal


New team primarily from Deals Tax at PwC. We are all enthusiastic and are looking forward to helping out on a charity project! Utilising the skills we have from working on deals across EMEA, and hopefully developing too.

Jocelyn Quenet
Jocelyn Quenet Founder

Gather: Monetising our Approach to the Urban Sanitation Crisis

Food for Thought


We are a team of consulting professionals in the Sustainability & Climate Change practice of PwC. We are interested in the issue of sustainability in agriculture and exploring innovative solutions to tackle the problems in our food system.

Samra Mariam
Samra Mariam Founder

Feedback: Sustainability through Farming Innovation ๐ŸŒพ

EC <3


You know what to do.

Hannah Green
Hannah Green Founder

Sexplain: Adults Only: sex education - *ALMOST PARTNERED

SOHK-Deloitte partnership


Hello! Thanks for coming across the team. Our team is slightly unusual in that we are keen to work with the School of Hard Knocks, a social inclusion charity which runs courses that use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, antisocial behaviour, crime, health and education - see for more information. The origin of my motivation as founder lies in my work pre-Deloitte in the government's Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission. Across our team so far we have people motivated by the charity's mission, interest in sport, and a genuine desire to do something beyond our day jobs with a real social impact. We are looking for a final team member to join us in this project - please do get in touch with me to find out more as we would love to hear from you!

Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart Founder

School of Hard Knocks: SOHK Finance Optimisation



We are a team of ambitious, fun people.

Benjamin Swyer
Benjamin Swyer Founder

IntoUniversity : Inspired to Achieve

Stitch in Time Saves Lives


We are a group of like-minded individuals hoping to bring our skills together for a cause we all care about.

Frankie Howland
Frankie Howland Founder

Bread and Water for Africa UK: Help grassroots NGOs in Africa thrive through finance- *ALMOST PARTNERED

Altruistic Analysts


Harry & I are both 1st year analysts in Deloitte's strategy consulting practice (Monitor Deloitte), interested in doing some pro-bono consulting work for a charitable organisation. Our core skillset lies in strategic overview, development of strategic models & data analysis.

Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood Founder

Global Schools Forum: Ensure the Worldโ€™s Poorest Receive Quality Education- *ALMOST PARTNERED

Climate Change Collective


A team of Deloitte staff ready to make change with a brilliant environmental charity.

Priyanka Khurana
Priyanka Khurana Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?


10:10 Climate Action: Climate Perks - rewarding light travel to take climate action - *ALMOST PARTNERED



This team has been co-founded by Adam and Rahim and we'll be supporting South London Cares, a community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

Adam Thelwall
Adam Thelwall Founder

South London Cares: The Cares Family: Infrastructure for growth

The Commonwealth Collective


The Commonwealth 2022 is taking place in Birmingham and currently there are no clear projects or incentives that have been implemented within the Corporate world in Birmingham. The team at PwC will therefore endeavor to support Groundwork to make a corporate stamp on Commonwealth 2022 through an action based project that will be first planned and put in place in PwC Birmingham which, Groundwork can then take Birmingham-wide.

Frankie  Meehan
Frankie Meehan Founder

Groundwork: Bringing the Commonwealth to Birmingham

The CA team


Corporate affairs team from PwC, looking to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Tilly Baldwin
Tilly Baldwin Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?


International Alert: Making the Case for Peace

Young MCA/BeyondMe team


We are a team of young management consultants (less than 5 years experience) from PPL and (hopefully!) other consultancies in the MCA group. We're particularly interested in working on projects with an education focus as we think everyone deserves access to a great education.

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis Founder

Chance UK: Equipping Teachers, Transforming Children's Mental Health