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This team has been co-founded by Adam and Rahim and we'll be supporting South London Cares, a community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

Adam Thelwall
Adam Thelwall Founder

South London Cares: The Cares Family: Infrastructure for growth

The Commonwealth Collective


The Commonwealth 2022 is taking place in Birmingham and currently there are no clear projects or incentives that have been implemented within the Corporate world in Birmingham. The team at PwC will therefore endeavor to support Groundwork to make a corporate stamp on Commonwealth 2022 through an action based project that will be first planned and put in place in PwC Birmingham which, Groundwork can then take Birmingham-wide.

Frankie  Meehan
Frankie Meehan Founder

Groundwork: Bringing the Commonwealth to Birmingham

The CA team


Corporate affairs team from PwC, looking to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Tilly Baldwin
Tilly Baldwin Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?


International Alert: Making the Case for Peace

PwC Doing the Deal


New team primarily from Deals Tax at PwC. We are all enthusiastic and are looking forward to helping out on a charity project! Utilising the skills we have from working on deals across EMEA, and hopefully developing too.

Jocelyn Quenet
Jocelyn Quenet Founder

Gather: Monetising our Approach to the Urban Sanitation Crisis

Stop, Collaborate and Listen


We are currently a team of 4 looking for our charity.. Zoe is currently working for a large public sector client on a large technology change project on customer engagement. James is working on a private sector client on their strategy. Charlotte is working for a large financial services client as part of the technology delivery team for a digital project. Chris has a keen interest in digital innovation; his focus is on understanding customer and business specific needs to design solutions that drive transformation. His professional experience is in business analysis, digital propositions, user-centred design and end-to-end product delivery.

Zoe Killingbeck
Zoe Killingbeck Founder

AzuKo: The Perfect Pitch for Fair Living Conditions

Food for Thought


We are a team of consulting professionals in the Sustainability & Climate Change practice of PwC. We are interested in the issue of sustainability in agriculture and exploring innovative solutions to tackle the problems in our food system.

Samra Mariam
Samra Mariam Founder

Feedback: Sustainability through Farming Innovation 🌾

Young MCA/BeyondMe team


We are a team of young management consultants (less than 5 years experience) from PPL and (hopefully!) other consultancies in the MCA group. We're particularly interested in working on projects with an education focus as we think everyone deserves access to a great education.

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis Founder

Chance UK: Equipping Teachers, Transforming Children's Mental Health

Give More


We are enthusiastic about education and understand the importance of it to the younger generation of today. We are a team with diverse skills, including modelling capabilities, market research, and data analytics. We are excited to start working with the charity and making a difference to the communities.

Kenrick Tan
Kenrick Tan Founder

Bootstrap: Enterprise Bootcamp: Help grow support for Young Entrepreneurs 🚀

Impact Tomorrow


Aiming to help people and organisations, and to make real impacts by building a team that has great synergy and passion towards what we are doing. Our interest includes (but not limit to) helping children and young people widen their choices in life and help them reshape their future paths.

Jian Qin
Jian Qin Founder

REDRESS Trust: Fighting for a world without torture: a social network project

The PwC Dragons


The PwC Dragons are a team of individuals whose lives have been affected by Mental Health either directly or indirectly. We are all members of the DAWN Network at PwC (Disability, Ability, and Wellbeing Network). Whilst we bring together a wealth of understanding of Mental Health, we have a wide range of experience from Sustainability and Climate Change, through to Technology. Our Charity Partner, The Mental Fight Club host 'The Dragon Cafe' on Monday's in Borough, London. Our project with the Charity will be looking at a variety of issues, including achieving financial sustainability, raising awareness of Mental Health, offering careers and employability advice to patrons of 'The Dragon Cafe', and also looking at improving online presence.

Imogen Kearney
Imogen Kearney Founder

Mental Fight Club: Sustaining the Dragon Cafe

Deloitte Beyond Me


This team is co-founded by myself and George Brighten, and we are looking for a team that is passionate about tackling social issues. We have a range of interests including, but not limited to, health & fitness, homelessness, and mental health. Our aim is to work together to make a real impact in the lives of others over the next year. If you want to help us make a difference, join our team.

James Lamming
James Lamming Founder

Mental Fight Club: “The Dragon Café in the City” - a potential new model of mental health support for City professionals

Team Xbusiness


Non-conventional BeyondMe team that consists of professionals from various business areas and organisations.

Violeta Argyropoulou
Violeta Argyropoulou Founder

Future First Global: Help a global organisation have a global impact

Louder Than Words


Jenny and I co-founded this team with the two of us working within the corporate tax team at EY (our jobs are really interesting, honestly). We attended the BeyondMe Bootcamp and we were really impressed with what we saw so we wanted to get involved. BeyondMe offers up the opportunity for us to really use the skills we have developed over the course of our careers for a great cause. We now have a team of seven of us from the corporate tax team and we are looking to get involved with a project that we can get stuck in to from start to finish and make a difference beyond the realms of corporate tax.

Kasim Vardalia
Kasim Vardalia Founder

Chance For Change: Striding Edge, thebase

Endeavour EY



Shifa Patel
Shifa Patel Founder

Why me? Victims for Restorative Justice: Restorative Justice: Victims to Victors

Taking Strides


We are a BeyondMe team made up of 5 members from PwC. The team work across a number of lines of service, including; Assurance, Deals and Consulting, bringing together a range of skills and knowledge that we believe will bring value to your Charity. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences provide us with a unique and broad range of skills which stimulates our ability to provide innovative and creative solutions to make impactful and positive change. In particular we are passionate about improving the lives of those around us, tackle inequalities and providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Tyler Fraser
Tyler Fraser Founder

Into Film: Into Film: Unleashing the transformative educational power of film

BeyondMe on Sugar


Our team combines the brains and energy of BeyondMe, Ficshelf, Bloodstone Consulting and We-Three. We're going to donate our time, skills and cash to an inspiring project, make great connections with others as passionate as we are, and have fun doing it!

Alice Gray
Alice Gray Founder

Spark Inside: Who are the young people in prison? Market sizing help for new charity

The Pod


The cause that will be tackled by this team will be determined at the first meeting with input from all members.

Gabrielle Mabon
Gabrielle Mabon Founder

Football Beyond Borders: Strategy Development and New Income Streams

PwC Scotland


PwC Scotland!

Kirsten Abel
Kirsten Abel Founder

Streetwork UK: East meets West to provide a safe place to stay



A team of professionals from PwC working on a project for Hubbub

Jack Lockyer-Stevens
Jack Lockyer-Stevens Founder

Hubbub UK: The Community Fridge Network: Building a sustainable future

Sky High EY


We think the Beyond Me vision of professionals utilising their skillsets, time and money to benefit the social sector is just great - our team would love to apply this by working with a charity involved in International Development. Although currently open-minded as to the particular project we will be working on, we all are interested about the impact we can have, and value that we can generate for them. If this sounds interesting to you, do get involved!

Charlie Davis
Charlie Davis Founder

AfriKids: Blue Sky Travel - Marketing Plan

Team Green


We're a team of consultants who are passionate about education, who are working with Voice 21 to support them in their mission to improve the teaching of oracy in schools

Georgia Lotter
Georgia Lotter Founder

21 Trust: The state of speaking in schools across the world