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BeyondMe PwC Glasgow

PwC Glasgow

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about supporting a cause related to health, well being or education. Our aim is to collaborate with our chosen charity to create a positive social impact.

Gavin Weanie
Gavin Weanie Founder

Mosaic: Enterprise Challenge Competition



FRANK Water works with local partners to deliver equitable, sustainable solutions to water and sanitation issues in the poorest and most vulnerable communities in India and beyond.

Sian Ellery
Sian Ellery Founder

FRANK Water Projects: Drink me – Save lives

Beyond PwC


This team is co-founded by myself and Katie, and we are looking for a team that is passionate about tackling social issues. We have a range of interests including, but not limited to, child poverty, homelessness and education. Our aim is to work together to make a real impact in the lives of others over the next year. If you want to help us make a difference, please join our team.

Kiah Shabka
Kiah Shabka Founder

The Diana Award: The Mentoring Programme (TMP)

Target:Social Impact


Intro I would like to focus on one or more (or all!) of the following social areas. I am also open to new ideas What? - Disability Sport - Employability and skills - Young offender re-rehabilitations Where? Ideally I would like the team's impact to focus on London. This is the city I have the greatest social connection with and understanding of having grown up here. Also in terms of location of team members, this is the most practical location for us to have tangible impact with our project

Gideon Mendel
Gideon Mendel Founder

The Diana Award: The Mentoring Programme (TMP)



We are the best PPC agency in the world and we have decided that being the best at PPC is not enough! We are reaching Beyond PPC into the world of charity and CSR to make waves and lead the way for other people to follow. With a variety of skills and the backing of our awesome company, we aim to enhance the reach of our charity using extensive Google knowledge and general awesomeness. We are innovators, we are forward thinkers and we have big plans for our chosen charity! The world of CSR has a new force and that force is BeyondPPC at Brainlabs Digital.

Zach Wren
Zach Wren Founder

Maternity Worldwide: Integrated Maternal and Newborn Health Project, Hoima, Uganda

PwC Edinburgh - SBH


A group of young professionals in Edinburgh helping SBH Scotland to further its mission of providing essential services, care and advice to people affected by Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus

Katie DeKeizer
Katie DeKeizer Founder

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland: SBH Scotland - With a Little Help From Our Friends

Social Consulting Group


We are a group of professionals that care mostly about tacking challenges faced by charities in the following areas: Education, Prevention and relief of poverty, International development, Employability & skills as well as Issues affecting women. So are you ready to apply your professional skills to help a social cause? Let’s all get involved in contributing to a great movement!

Natalia Szeliga
Natalia Szeliga Founder

Maternity Worldwide: Volunteer Skills Sharing and Training Programme in Malawi and Uganda

Partnering for sustainable development


We will use our time, skills, and enthusiasm to support a charity with long-term and sustainable social and environmental objectives.

Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy Founder

The Hunger Project UK: The Multiplier Project

Increasing Impact


The projects I have long-listed are mostly acting in the areas of greatest poverty in Africa and Asia. The majority of these projects would involve our team helping the charity to scale up. I have chosen these types of projects so that we can use our skills to massively increase the impact of these charities.

George Gallagher
George Gallagher Founder

Restless Development: Supporting young people to take action on Climate Change



In 2012, 12.7% of the worlds population lived at or below $1.90 a day. Thats 896 million people. We are passionate about international development and partnering with a charity that wants to make a massive difference to a community.

Joshua Black
Joshua Black Founder

Tusk: Supporting Communities and Preventing Poaching in Kenya's Northern Rangelands

The B&J's I.C.E Squad

Ben & Jerry's

The Ben&Jerrys Inquisitive Collective Engagement Squad The BEST team (from Ben & Jerry's). Changing the world one scoop at a time!

Dave Suter
Dave Suter Founder

South London Cares: South London Cares - 300 days' growing up



This team has been co-founded by Adam and Rahim who are currently looking for the remaining members of our team. We want to decide on our charity and cause after we have found the rest of our team so that everyone has a stake in the project and can get behind it.

Adam Thelwall
Adam Thelwall Founder

South London Cares: South London Cares - 300 days' growing up

SOHK-Deloitte partnership


Hello! Thanks for coming across the team. Our team is slightly unusual in that we are keen to work with the School of Hard Knocks, a social inclusion charity which runs courses that use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, antisocial behaviour, crime, health and education - see for more information. The origin of my motivation as founder lies in my work pre-Deloitte in the government's Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission. Across our team so far we have people motivated by the charity's mission, interest in sport, and a genuine desire to do something beyond our day jobs with a real social impact. We are looking for a final team member to join us in this project - please do get in touch with me to find out more as we would love to hear from you!

Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart Founder

School of Hard Knocks: SOHK Finance Optimisation

Team Apollo


Clarke Dodd
Clarke Dodd Founder

BeyondMe: Scaling up social innovation

Effective Collective


We are a group of professionals who are passionate about supporting a cause related to homelessless, children or education. We believe that working together as a team will help us reach a shared goal with the charity we end up supporting.

Laila Hassan
Laila Hassan Founder

Streetwork UK: Making Homelessness History

Team Possible!


We are looking for a group of fun, passionate and dedicated people who want to volunteer their time, energy, skills and money to collaborate with a charity and together help make a difference in the world! We are particularly looking for people who want to work on projects that are related to the following themes: Education, Women's Rights and Poverty Reduction. We have currently selected 3 projects that will suit people who are interested in both Local and International Development. I'm happy to have a discussion with people about their interests, how they work best and how can be most effective. Please give me a shout if you want to make a positive impact and are interested in the above areas! We would love for you to join us!

Marian Isola
Marian Isola Founder

CoachBright: Helping children achieve the future they want.

Team 3: Bethany Trust


We will be helping Bethany Trust out with one of two projects to help them as they deal with homelessness in Edinburgh.

Angus  Andrew
Angus Andrew Founder

Bethany Christian Trust: Increase revenue in our charity shops

Team Meraki


Team Meraki are a recently formed team of PwC associates across a number of lines of service. 'Meraki' is a word of Greek etymology meaning the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. We want to closely align ourselves to our chosen BeyondMe project and engage with such commitment to leave a lasting impression. Having not previously been involved in BeyondMe, we are all very excited for the challenges and opportunities that it will present.

Seppi Grant
Seppi Grant Founder

St John's Hospice: Growing the footprint of St John’s Hospice to maximise charitable income

We Are Seven



Daniel Field
Daniel Field Founder

International Justice Mission: Fighting global injustice through the excellence of business

Beyond KPMG


Bringing together a group of KPMG professionals who wish to use their time, skills and money to make a long lasting difference to causes we believe passionately in supporting.

Frances Beaton
Frances Beaton Founder

Restless Development: Empowering young leaders today, not tomorrow

Technology for Change


We are a team of passionate individuals who want to support the use of technology to make society a better place

Jeremy Dalton
Jeremy Dalton Founder

Code Club: Code Club - increasing our impact in the UK