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Team L&SE TS in PwC

Paul Spencer
Paul Spencer Founder

CanDo Coffee


Alex Winchester, John Charlton and I are looking for people to join our BeyondMe group – a bunch of like-minded people who are passionate about social change. We’ve formed a partnership with a social enterprise called CanDo Coffee, which is designed to enable disadvantaged and socially excluded people to acquire employability skills whilst earning a salary. The social enterprise is led by Mark Johnson, a high-profile champion of social causes, and they are keen for us to help them make the transition from a start-up firm to a self-sustaining, scalable social enterprise. It will be a hands on experience right at the heart of the social enterprise; if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then look no further!

William Pitt
William Pitt Founder


Goldman Sachs


Anant Shah
Anant Shah Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?

Give Back With Impact

Goldman Sachs

We believe that giving back as part of a team of like-minded colleagues investing our money, skills and enthusiasm in causes we are passionate about can have an huge positive impact both in the community and also to ourselves as leaders. We're keen to support causes from increasing educational opportunities, creating jobs and economic growth to building and stabilizing communities.

Jia Gu
Jia Gu Founder

Deloitte Beyond Banking


We are interested in social integration and mobility. We are in the process of finalising our shortlist and this page will be updated accordingly.

Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills Founder

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PwC Edinburgh Team 4


We are one of 2 teams in the Edinburgh office helping the Bethany trust with a number of projects that they have identified.

Gordon  Berrie
Gordon Berrie Founder