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Joe Madders
Joe Madders Founder

Arukah Network: Arukah Network: The Next Level!

Future Progressive


We are a young, ambitious, socially concious team of professionals from Deloitte. We have the shared drive and passion to use our skills as consultants to make a real impact for causes close to our hearts and help empower those struggling in disadvantaged circumstances. We're at the start of our journey, and are excited to begin creating a new, brighter future for the next generation in our community and beyond!

Chris Baker
Chris Baker Founder

The Huddleston Centre: Caring Together: City & Hackney

Smile :)


This team aims to bring together a range of skills and styles from across PwC, with people that are all passionate about helping other people. While I care deeply about issues affecting children, education, homelessness and mental health, I'm keen to engage with a number of causes.The aim is for the team to work together, to find a cause and charity that inspires everyone.

Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Founder

Sanitation First: Investing in self-financing toilets for slum communities

PwC Legal


Using our professional skills to help others.

Conor Roarty
Conor Roarty Founder

ReachOut: Academy Mentoring Programme

Team OPAL!


Welcome to Team OPAL! We are a group from PwC who are passionate about donating our time, skills and resources to support and enhance the lives of local people in Leeds. Via our partnership with the OPAL charity, we are specifically aiming to reduce loneliness and isolation of older people living in the Leeds 16 area. Through our nominated projects, and more, we hope to support OPAL in their inspiring efforts to enable these people to lead independent, safe and healthy lives. If you would like to learn more about OPAL or support our cause, please follow the links below:.

Samuel Webb
Samuel Webb Founder

Older People's Action in the Locality (OPAL): Welcome In Community Centre – securing the future for older people

Ripple Effect


We are a BeyondMe team made up of members of the Forensics department at PwC. We are interested in working with a charity that actively pushes international development, who makes a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate and that have been victimised by their circumstances. A common theme throughout the members of Ripple Effect is the desire to help mistreated children on a global scale. We are eager to partner with a charity that can utilise our skill-set, allowing us to effect the largest change we can, while simultaneously bringing the highest benefit to the charity.

Emily Raymond
Emily Raymond Founder

Minority Rights Group: Minority rights – stronger networks, better rights protection.



We are the best PPC agency in the world and we have decided that being the best at PPC is not enough! We are reaching Beyond PPC into the world of charity and CSR to make waves and lead the way for other people to follow. With a variety of skills and the backing of our awesome company, we aim to enhance the reach of our charity using extensive Google knowledge and general awesomeness. We are innovators, we are forward thinkers and we have big plans for our chosen charity! The world of CSR has a new force and that force is BeyondPPC at Brainlabs Digital.

Zach Wren
Zach Wren Founder

Maternity Worldwide: Integrated Maternal and Newborn Health Project, Hoima, Uganda

Business as Unusual


Julie Phillips and I are cofounding a Beyond Me team. We want to combine our skills in digital product development, international development and sustainability and climate change to create real impact for charitable organisations.

Tanya Mathew
Tanya Mathew Founder

Maternity Worldwide: Ethiopia - Home to Hospital Tracking Project

Better World


Hi everyone! I am so excited to have this opportunity to bring together a group of people that can make the world better and do some good. I have not decided what specific charity we would choose as a team but I am personally really passionate issues concerning women's, children and youth. Through Deloitte I was able to get involved in multiple volunteering opportunities and I have led Inclusion and Women's Network initiatives at Deloitte US and UK. If you have similar interests and would like to make a meaningful impact join my team!

Marketa Jakubcova
Marketa Jakubcova Founder

Future First Global: Building the world's biggest education volunteering campaign



• BeyondProfit brings together skills, knowledge and enthusiasm from across Deloitte’s Consulting practice. As a team of eight, we hope to blend our skills and your skills together to generate and analyse new opportunities. Our group aims are to give back to society, gain experience of the charity sector and learn new skills. Many of us have prior experience advising charities in sectors such as education, mental health and enterprise and we are excited about joining the BeyondMe community.

Emma Copham
Emma Copham Founder

ECPAT UK: Business Against Child Trafficking (BACT)

BeyondMe KPMG


We'll be picking a project and cause as a team. Personally I'm quite interested in picking an international development project, but it will be a team decision :)

Anna Henshaw
Anna Henshaw Founder

Care for Children: Taking Action for Orphans in Asia



BeyondManchester is a group of PwC professionals passionate about improving education for children in deprived areas. We're looking for enthusiastic members who share our passion for improving opportunities for children. We hope to contribute our time, skills and money to our chosen charity to help improve future prospects for disadvantaged children.

Becca Richards
Becca Richards Founder

Care for Children: Taking Action for Orphans in Asia

Beyond PwC


This team is co-founded by myself and Katie, and we are looking for a team that is passionate about tackling social issues. We have a range of interests including, but not limited to, child poverty, homelessness and education. Our aim is to work together to make a real impact in the lives of others over the next year. If you want to help us make a difference, please join our team.

Kiah Shabka
Kiah Shabka Founder

The Diana Award: The Mentoring Programme (TMP)

Target:Social Impact


Intro I would like to focus on one or more (or all!) of the following social areas. I am also open to new ideas What? - Disability Sport - Employability and skills - Young offender re-rehabilitations Where? Ideally I would like the team's impact to focus on London. This is the city I have the greatest social connection with and understanding of having grown up here. Also in terms of location of team members, this is the most practical location for us to have tangible impact with our project

Gideon Mendel
Gideon Mendel Founder

The Diana Award: The Mentoring Programme (TMP)

Teach First Network Team


A team formed within the Teach First network at PwC, aiming to continue to address educational disadvantage by working with SPEAR to help young people in to further education or employment.

Tom Davis
Tom Davis Founder

Resurgo Trust: The Spear Course

One Step Beyond


Team is full.

Sean  O'Pray
Sean O'Pray Founder

West London Zone: Help build a partnership of children's services with West London Zone

Team Roda


We are a team of 6, who have been brought together by a passion to help and contribute to the society we live in - be it on issues around refugees, sustainability, youth or economic empowerment. Using the skills we have from both our studies and our time at PwC (Tax, Consulting, and Business Recovery), our goal is to make a difference by helping an organisation dedicated to one or more of these issues. Please join us if you feel the same way!

Alina Klarner
Alina Klarner Founder

capoeira4refugees: Help youth working with refugees, in conflict zones

Finance - Beyond Me Team


A group of 6 Senior Associates from PwC's Finance Consultancy department. Looking to get involved with a charit and give back where we can!

Matthew Nicholl
Matthew Nicholl Founder

Mosaic: Mosaic Secondary School Mentoring Programme

BeyondMe Group C


BeyondMe Group C are a team of young professionals/ friends with a desire to create a positive change within a charity that is TBC.

Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson Founder

CoachBright: Make Education Fairer in the UK



We formed Strategy&Beyond because we believe that a partnership between a team of dedicated volunteers and a charity with an inspirational cause can make a real difference to society. As members of Strategy& (PwC’s strategy consulting offering) we have a diverse range of interests and skills, with experience in helping businesses overcome their most pressing strategic challenges. Now we’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply this experience in support of our charity partner. In particular, we hope to work alongside our charity as it goes through the next stage of its development, creating a business strategy that delivers long-term results and allows it to expand its presence in the community, while providing support with wider challenges and tasks.

Daniel Osrin
Daniel Osrin Founder

Book Clubs in Schools: Growth Strategy and Sustainability

Project Change


We are all financial analysts that come from a diverse range of countries. We all share a prevailing appreciation of your fortunate backgrounds, and wish to utilise our skills effectively to give back to our community.

Amelia Rosenberg
Amelia Rosenberg Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?


Right to Succeed: Right to Succeed - merger business plan