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We are passionate about making a difference in our communities and empowering change. We believe in creating an inclusive environment where everybody can be themselves and achieve what they are capable of.

Andrew Vuong
Andrew Vuong Founder

SHP (Single Homeless Project): Work Ready in Camden & Islington

Tackling homelessness with SHP


Our BeyondMe team focuses on breaking the cycle of homelessness through education, training and employment. Join our team as we move into our second year partnering with SHP, an incredible charity which works with homeless and vulnerable people. Over the next month you’ll get to help shape the project: likely to be a mix of mentoring, 1-1 support, and delivering workshops as part of their World of Work programme.

Devon Parker
Devon Parker Founder

SHP (Single Homeless Project): Work Ready in Camden & Islington



BeyondFulcrum is a team of six PwC assurance associates who are based in Birmingham. Our aim is to tackle the homeless issue in Birmingham region and we are partnered with St Basils, who works with young people that are homeless or at a risk of homelessness in West Midlands. We aim to work on several projects with St Basils during this year and wishing to make a difference.

Su Xiaoyu
Su Xiaoyu Founder

Optimus Mind


Mental Health is something that affects us all one way or another. Because of this, we have decided that this is the cause we would like to tackle. Using both our contacts and expertise, we believe that we are in a position to have a real positive impact on wider society.

William Bosustow
William Bosustow Founder

Equal Access Team


We are supporting RefuAid, a charity dedicated to refugee integration, in developing a fundraising strategy for its Equal Access Scheme it launched last year. This scheme provides refugees interest-free loans of up to £10,000 to pay for the UK licensing or training they need to get back to their field of work in the UK. 

Tara Mikhael
Tara Mikhael Founder

This team is looking for members to join. Fancy joining it?

Team MAPD - (Make a Positive Difference)


Team MAPD is a team made of young individuals across Deloitte Consulting who are keen to use the skills we are honing in the workplace to make a positive difference to society. We are particularly motivated to tackle some of the under reported and undiscussed exploitation that still occurs in our society, with a focus on a project that aims to tackle exploitation and inequality more broadly

Malhar Mahurkar
Malhar Mahurkar Founder

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Team Delta


Supporting Football Beyond Borders

Jyotsna Heryani
Jyotsna Heryani Founder

Deloitte Ignite


We are looking forward to working with a charity that makes an impact in the lives of children and young people in the local area by increasing their access to opportunities

Thanima Vinayan
Thanima Vinayan Founder

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Aakriti Singh
Aakriti Singh Founder

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We'll be supporting Project Concern International (PCI) in improving financial metrics for Women Empowered - one of PCI's key initiatives with a main objective to empower her. Setting up methodology for understanding returns on donations is crucial to maintaining current benefactors and attracting new ones.

Mihita Cvitanovic
Mihita Cvitanovic Founder

Team EM

Eden McCallum

Using our professional skills and network to make a difference.

Gabriele Sessa
Gabriele Sessa Founder

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From Bristol to London


This team has been founded within EY bringing together people with a variety of different backgrounds and skills but linked by the desire to make a real impact in the lives of others over the next year.

Matthew Felstead
Matthew Felstead Founder

The Altruism Initiative


Our team is a collective of like-minded individuals from across the firm seeking to contribute towards the promotion and continuing success of our chosen charity with a focus on humanitarian issues.

Muntazir Manek
Muntazir Manek Founder


IHS Markit

We're a team a diverse professionals looking to support a charity with our combined time, money and skills

Gintare Nikolajevaite
Gintare Nikolajevaite Founder



As a team we will be entering into year 2 with 'Hope for Children' supporting them with their 'Your Business, Their Lives' Initiative. Team Impact's first year with Hope for Children was very successful. Among other things, we: -helped develop a new website for Hope -Raised £4000 -Held a round table event at PwC -Spent OFOD at Hope's offices Year 2 will provide an opportunity build on this and create a stronger partnership with a young and innovative charity.

James Orme-Dawson
James Orme-Dawson Founder

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City of London Corporation BeyondMe team

City of London Corporation

With a passionate commitment to and intentional career investment in social justice, I have always sought to have an active role in contributing to help and improve society. I have been privileged to have worked on issues around poverty, homelessness, social mobility and children and young people, to name a few. I have done this both through both professional and personal capacities and resources. I truly believe in the power of genuine and committed collaboration to better and further the potential for social impact.

Helen Atwood
Helen Atwood Founder

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Team EY


keen on education and environmental related projects

Melody  Zhang
Melody Zhang Founder

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A vibrant team professionals with diverse background and skills with one major thing in common: the drive to make an impact.

Domitilla Forleo
Domitilla Forleo Founder

Consultants without Borders


We are four new joiners to the PwC Consulting Graduate scheme based in London who are passionate about giving something back to the world wherever we can. We are interested in the following causes; homelessness, International Development and children.

Sophie Sutcliffe
Sophie Sutcliffe Founder

Future Horizons

Goldman Sachs

Dedicated, inspired, empowered

Vanessa Dispot
Vanessa Dispot Founder

Mutu umodzi susenza denga


The team name is Chichewan (Malawi) and literally means - "one head cannot carry a roof". Figuratively: "you cannot solve problems on your own". As a team we will support a charity that helps fight poverty and the issues caused by it in some of the poorest areas in the world, particularly in East Africa. I have short-listed three charities that do this in very different ways: Concern Universal, East African Playgrounds, and East Africa Cricket Foundation. This will allow us to not only pick a project that our team and skill sets best suit, but also excites us and that we will all feel passionately about.

William Newton
William Newton Founder