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We're a team a diverse professionals looking to support a charity with our combined time, money and skills

Gintare Nikolajevaite
Gintare Nikolajevaite Founder



As a team we will be entering into year 2 with 'Hope for Children' supporting them with their 'Your Business, Their Lives' Initiative. Team Impact's first year with Hope for Children was very successful. Among other things, we: -helped develop a new website for Hope -Raised £4000 -Held a round table event at PwC -Spent OFOD at Hope's offices Year 2 will provide an opportunity build on this and create a stronger partnership with a young and innovative charity.

James Orme-Dawson
James Orme-Dawson Founder

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City of London Corporation BeyondMe team

City of London Corporation

With a passionate commitment to and intentional career investment in social justice, I have always sought to have an active role in contributing to help and improve society. I have been privileged to have worked on issues around poverty, homelessness, social mobility and children and young people, to name a few. I have done this both through both professional and personal capacities and resources. I truly believe in the power of genuine and committed collaboration to better and further the potential for social impact.

Helen Atwood
Helen Atwood Founder

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Team EY


keen on education and environmental related projects

Melody  Zhang
Melody Zhang Founder

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A vibrant team professionals with diverse background and skills with one major thing in common: the drive to make an impact.

Domitilla Forleo
Domitilla Forleo Founder

Consultants without Borders


We are four new joiners to the PwC Consulting Graduate scheme based in London who are passionate about giving something back to the world wherever we can. We are interested in the following causes; homelessness, International Development and children.

Sophie Sutcliffe
Sophie Sutcliffe Founder

Future Horizons

Goldman Sachs

Dedicated, inspired, empowered

Vanessa Dispot
Vanessa Dispot Founder

Mutu umodzi susenza denga


The team name is Chichewan (Malawi) and literally means - "one head cannot carry a roof". Figuratively: "you cannot solve problems on your own". As a team we will support a charity that helps fight poverty and the issues caused by it in some of the poorest areas in the world, particularly in East Africa. I have short-listed three charities that do this in very different ways: Concern Universal, East African Playgrounds, and East Africa Cricket Foundation. This will allow us to not only pick a project that our team and skill sets best suit, but also excites us and that we will all feel passionately about.

William Newton
William Newton Founder

Team Altitude


Working with IntoUniversity to increase impact across community centres in the UK, helping young people rise up and achieve their aspirations.

Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee Founder

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BeyondMe KPMG


A BeyondMe team from KPMG

Anna Henshaw
Anna Henshaw Founder

KPMG Kollective


Hi there! We are launching a new team from KPMG to combine our professional skills, enthusiasm and time to create a real lasting. Once all team members are on-board, we'll look to support an inspirational charity, focused on inititives around economic and environmental sustainability, social change and international development. I look forward to hearing from you!

Linna Trieu
Linna Trieu Founder

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We formed Strategy&Beyond because we believe that a partnership between a team of dedicated volunteers and a charity with an inspirational cause can make a real difference to society. As members of Strategy& (PwC’s strategy consulting offering) we have a diverse range of interests and skills, with experience in helping businesses overcome their most pressing strategic challenges. Now we’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply this experience in support of our charity partner, Book Clubs in Schools

Daniel Osrin
Daniel Osrin Founder

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Team JLL


Looking for a bunch of energy and enthusiasm to spend the next year tackling a social issue!

Kate Marfleet
Kate Marfleet Founder

CanDo Coffee 2!


Our Deloitte team has… formed a partnership with a social enterprise called CanDo Coffee, enabling disadvantaged and socially excluded people to acquire employability skills whilst earning a salary. The social enterprise is led by Mark Johnson, a high-profile champion of social causes, and they are keen for us to help them make the transition from a start-up firm to a self-sustaining, scalable social enterprise. It will be a hands on experience right at the heart of the social enterprise; if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then look no further!

Alex Winchester
Alex Winchester Founder

Something Completely Different


Team started in Forensic Technology at Deloitte, focused on using Python and other data-related technologies to make a positive impact.

James Bayliffe
James Bayliffe Founder

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Yes we KAM!


We are a team made up of Exeter School Leavers with the aim of tackling a cause that we are all passionate about. Once everyone has joined the team, we will then discuss causes we are passionate about - shortlisting 3 charities.

William Jeffreys
William Jeffreys Founder


Winton Capital Management


Isabelle Hayhoe
Isabelle Hayhoe Founder


Ben & Jerry's

A small in size, but big in personality, team at Ben & Jerry's HQ! We can't wait to get started with our volunteering!

Holly Eardley
Holly Eardley Founder

Beyond the City – supporting mental health in the City


We are team of professionals with a broad range of skill sets - from Law, PR, Events to IT! Our aim is to support the creation of an environment in the City where mental health is discussed in the same way as physical health.

Kenneth  Velos
Kenneth Velos Founder

IBC Santander

IBC Santander

Will be updated soon...

Nika Mokhtassi
Nika Mokhtassi Founder

New Quadrant

New Quadrant Partners Ltd


Kiran  Vasudeva
Kiran Vasudeva Founder